The President, Mr Levacher, gives a speech at the CEPS

The President, Mr Levacher, talked about solutions to the issue of optimising the responsiveness of land defence manufacturers to operational requirements of troops at the Centre for Strategic and Prospective Studies (CEPS) on February 8th 2017.

He stressed the diversity of the operations of the armed forces and the environment in which they operate which require manufacturers to better understand the needs of the armed forces by collecting feedbacks, constant dialogue with institutions, and contact on the ground.

By these means, the defence industry can not only offer solutions adapted to the armed forces but can also anticipate their needs in terms of capabilities. To ensure rapid response to customer requirements, RENAULT TRUCKS Defense designs vehicles marked by modularity and simplicity, combining rusticity and high technology.

Finally, the President, Mr Levacher, stressed that the role of land-based defence manufacturers is not to predict future conflicts but to anticipate the future needs of forces and respond as quickly as possible.