51st Paris Air Show

Monday 15 June 2015

Le Bourget

RENAULT TRUCKS Defense is exhibiting at the 51th Paris Air Show. Supplier of air-defense systems mobility solutions, RTD is a key partner of the sector’s major companies. For exemple, the Kerax truck is used, in its 8x8 configuration, as a platform for the Thales Raytheon radar systems and Eurosam SAMP-T air-defense system. A Kerax 6x6 truck is also used by MBDA for its VL Mica system. All these products are shown at the exhibition. On the MBDA booth is also displayed a RENAULT TRUCKS Defense Sherpa Light in which is integrated the new MPCV air-defense system.  Result of a long run partnership between RTD and MBDA, the MPCV demonstrates RTD’S know-how in the integration of complex systems in wheeled platforms.


RTD is also represented on the Airbus Group’s booth. The company indeed lent a VBCI infantry fighting vehicle to demonstrate the A400M carrying capacities.RTD develops and manufactures the VBCI driveline.

Le Bourget2015-01

Eurosam SAMP-T on RTD Kerax 8x8 

Salon Le Bourget2015-02

MBDA MPCV on RTD Sherpa Light 

Le Bourget2015-03

MBDA VL Mica on RTD Kerax 6x6 

Salon Le Bourget2015-04

VBCI and Airbus A400M

Photos © RENAULT TRUCKS Defense