Sunday 22 June 2014

The world of Defence and Security has an appointment every two years in Paris. We chose a strategic location for our VGGS stand near the Ministry of Defence at the entrance of official delegations.

VAB/BMX area


Reception area


Combat zone


The Highlights of EUROSATORY

The visit of General RACT-MADOUX, Army Chief of Staff, accompanied by officers in charge of equipping the army, the Major General Autran, and Brigadier Beaudouin.

The General was presented with all our equipment by Håkan Karlsson and Stefano Chmielewski, and appeared particularly interested in the Scorpion program and the BMX01.


Inside BMX 01


The Minister of Defense - Jean-Yves Le Drian’s Visite

The Minister spent a long moment on our stand and was received by Håkan Karlsson and Stefano Chmielewski.



Many parliamentarians visited our stand - among others the Senators J. Gautier (4th from left) and D.Reiner, authors of a recent report of Special Forces.


Innovations presented at Eurosatory 2014

BMX01, the mobility and protection demonstrator of the future Multirole Armored Vehicle (VBMR) of the French Army, VAB Ultima on the side.


Other innovations:

  • BASTION-HM (Extreme Mobility), a new version of the ACMAT BASTION
  • Battlenet Inside vetronic solution
  • New maintenance e-Support concept (HUMS Service - Health and Usage Monitoring Systems)
  • A unique anti-blast seat developed by Panhard Defense
  • VAB MK III Hybrid-Technology: the demonstrator, called ELECTER is fitted with a system which combines an electric machine with a thermal-combustion engine.



We welcomed a large number of delegations at our booth.

Africa: Cameroon Joint School of defense delegation, officers from several African countries.


Latin America: The Peruvian Army official delegation, with General HURTADO JIMENEZ (CLS).


Asia: The Mongolian delegation led by the Deputy Minister of Defence Mr Avirmid Battur accompanied by the Ambassador in France, His Excellency M Mundagbaatar Batsaikhan.


Eastern Europe: Kazakhstan Ministry of Defence official delegation inside the BMX01.


France: Marc Chassillan is describing the Special Forces Vehicles to General Margueron (MGAT)


Middle East: JA Dugueperoux presents vehicles to the Qatar official delegation, led by the Chief of Staff of the Armed forces, the Major General Ghanim Bin Shaheen Al Ghanim.