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Through-Life Support Services

RTD, ACMAT and Panhard provide a complete range of through-life support services to give users the assurance that their vehicles will be able to be used to their full capability from the time they take delivery of them and throughout operations.

An appropriate organisation

  • The support centre and spare parts:
    • an international network near forces with 1,500 service points, a hotline, a round-the-clock techline and standard replacement plants.
    • Logistics excellence with 120,000 items in stock, delivered everywhere on D+1 in most European countries, including 44,000 items for RTD (17,000 specific items and 27,000 items in common with the civil lines).
  • The diagnosis centre that is provided with the most modern tools.
  • The documentation centre: provides technical and commercial documentation tailored to customer requirements for each vehicle throughout its service life.
  • The training centre provides all types of training materials and methods for driving instruction, deployment and maintenance.

For example, two contracts under way with the French Army:

  • Truck contract: supply of spare parts for 10 years for 8,500 vehicles.
  • VAB contract: 4,000 vehicles for a renewable period of 4 years.

More than 100 jobs have been created in Fourchambault since 2007.

Dismantling, rebuilding and upgrading capability

  • Programmes have been undertaken to upgrade 5,000 vehicles to increase their service life and optimize support costs. These upgrading programmes focus on mobility, reliability and safety, ergonomics and comfort.


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