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As a subsidiary of the Volvo Group, the leading international supplier of civilian heavy-goods vehicles and public transport solutions, Renault Trucks Defense is the French Army’s major supplier of land vehicles. Renault Trucks Defense has widely-acknowledged expertise - more than 30,000 military vehicles in operation worldwide - and its greatest success story remains the VAB. This 13-ton troop transport vehicle, around 5,000 of which have been sold in more than 25 countries, is still, some thirty years after being first commissioned, one of the main operational armoured vehicles deployed by the French Army. Renault Trucks Defense is now preparing to roll out a new generation of armoured vehicles with the VAB Mark3, a 20-ton troop transport vehicle, and the Sherpa, a 10-ton family of versatile armoured vehicles.


Renault Trucks Defense has facilities in more than 110 countries on all 5 continents. As a subsidiary of the Berliet and Renault partnership, Renault Trucks Defense has more than a hundred years’ experience in the land armament field and has always been a supplier of the French army. The FT17, the first ever tank to be mass-produced, took part in the major battles of the First World War and effectively contributed to the final victory. The name Renault was thereafter closely linked to all the campaigns and operations carried out by the French army. 


The expertise of Panhard in the field of reconnaissance vehicles is acknowledged worldwide. Its flagship products, such as the VBL Light Armoured Vehicle, are used by the French Army in all its intelligence, patrol and liaison operations. 1,600 VBLs have been supplied to the French Army and 2,300 VBLs have been sold in 15 countries. The product line has also been extended with the delivery of more than 1,100 PVP light protected vehicles, a 4WD tactical liaison vehicle deployed in all operations, in particular in support engineering, artillery and logistics units. Panhard is also preparing the next generation of reconnaissance vehicles with the VBR and the CRAB, presented at the last Eurosatory exhibition. This vehicle, weighing less than 10 tons, carries a 25-mm or 30-mm tele-operated turret, and is a highly innovative concept that can be used to carry out all light cavalry operations.


Throughout its history, Panhard has produced a large number of reconnaissance vehicles which have left a strong mark on several generations of crews: as a supplier of armoured vehicles from the First
World War onwards and then scout vehicles (the AMD-178) on the eve of the Battle of France in the Second World War, Panhard has always supplied the French Army with armoured reconnaissance vehicles (EBR, AML, ERC), scout vehicles such as the VBL or liaison vehicles such as the PVP, which are now in service in all theatres of operations.


Robustness, agility and simplified maintenance have always been and still are the specified requirements for ACMAT’s off-road vehicles used in the foreign operations of the French Army and its Special Forces. More than 12,000 VLRA trucks, BASTION armoured vehicles and ALTV pickups are now used in military, security and peacekeeping operations in more than 50 countries, in Europe, Africa, the Middle-East, Latin America and Asia. Since the 1950s, the specific demands of Defence and Security forces in terms of extreme mobility and off-road performance have required ACMAT’s founding principles to be perpetuated through a complete range of 4WD and 6WD vehicles based on a welded-steel chassis, customizations meeting the severest requirements and complete interchangeability of mechanical components throughout the range.


Since 1948, Ateliers Legueu Meaux (ALM) has supplied off-road trucks tailored to the needs of farms and, since 1954, has developed 4WD and 6WD vehicles for the Sahara oil fields. The French Forces in Africa were supplied with the VCOM (Overseas Combat Vehicle) in 1961. In 1965, ALM became ACMAT (Ateliers de Constructions Mécaniques de l'Atlantique) in Saint-Nazaire. In 1967, the VLRA (Liaison, reconnaissance and support vehicle), the direct heir of the VCOM, became the reference off-road vehicle with a range of 1600 km and a 200-litre drinking water tank. In 2006, the ACMAT company joined Renault-Trucks Defense. With the VLRA 2, the BASTION armoured vehicle and the ALTV, ACMAT now develops its range on all 5 continents.

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Volvo Defense supplies Volvo branded products to defence and security authorities, organizations and companies. Its portfolio consists of trucks, construction machinery, generators and customized solutions for protected mobility. It provides comprehensive, low-cost, integrated logistics solutions worldwide, throughout the life cycle of equipment.


Volvo Defense was founded in 2011 to promote Volvo Group products tailored to customer needs in defence and security forces.


Mack Defense is a subsidiary of the leading, historical North American manufacturer of trucks. Its business is to customize and sell all the brands in the Volvo group's defence line of products (Mack, Renault, Volvo, Panhard, ACMAT, VCE) on the North American continent and worldwide, through the FMS procedure.


Mack Defense was set up in 2011 from a division of Mack, which has been a prestigious North American manufacturer of trucks since 1900 and which supplied 1600 trucks sent to France during the First World War. Mack has been a subsidiary of Renault Véhicules Industriels since 1970 and is now a subsidiary of AB Volvo.

VGGS OCEANIA (Mack Defense Australia)

VGGS Oceania provides defence, security and emergency services in the Oceania region with vehicles through our Volvo, ACMAT, Panhard, Mack and Renault-Trucks Defense. VGGS Oceania has a workshop providing maintenance services for MACK trucks in service with the Australian Army and tailors trucks in the VOLVO and MACK ranges to customer needs.


VGGS Oceania was set up in Australia as a subsidiary of Mack Defense Australia to supply branded trucks to the Australian Army in the early 1970s.