Volvo Group Governmental Sales

Volvo Group Governmental Sales (VGGS or GovSales), Volvo Group business area, was created to coordinate the Group's specific industrial business in the Defence and Security field by bringing together the Volvo Group brands, entities or subsidiaries involved in this area.

Knowledge of the Defence and Security sector requires the establishment of appropriate, effective organisations to address an increasingly competitive global context.

To provide a better response to the needs of Defence and Security forces and to reduce costs, VGGS decided, in 2013, to reorganise itself by pooling the R&D, production, sales and customer service organisation, and by exercising tighter control over the management of the brands and production units of Renault Trucks Defense, Panhard and ACMAT.

At the same time, closer control was taken over its U.S. (Mack Defense), Swedish (Volvo Defense) and Australian (VGGS Oceania, an emanation of Mack Defense) brands and entities, in accordance with the principles and standards specific to our own business and their host countries.

Historical players

The recognised excellence of our brands is based not only on our technical experience in cars, trucks and armoured vehicles, dating back more than a century, but also on a tradition of quality relations with institutional players in Europe and around the world, which remained undiminished throughout the twentieth century's technological progress and constant geostrategic upheavals which called for our brands to constantly adjust.

Synergy serving technology and controlled costs

The quality and cost of the products in our ranges now benefit from the synergy provided by the capabilities of a large international group, in which virtually all the components of 2 to 40 ton vehicles are available off the shelf.

The specificity of these defence or security products lies in the existing vehicle fleets in the case of vehicles in the logistics or support range.

Protected mobility, our core business

VGGS' expertise lies in the development, manufacturing and maintaining of protected platforms. For this purpose, the Volvo Group controls all the industrial processes involved in mobility and ballistic protection functions. This allows us to offer a full range of reconnaissance and troop transport vehicles.

Our core experience lies in combining high mobility mechanisms and technologies, providing protection against ballistic threats, mines and IEDs, on the one hand, with anti-mine seats and close defence remotely-operated devices, on the other.

High technology, a guarantee of security and safety

Investment in R&D, and the use of dual components, allow the production of running gear suitable for the most challenging terrain and give our platforms the agility needed to protect soldiers in difficult situations.

And eventually, a number of partnerships with a network of prestigious groups and French high-tech SMEs allow us to provide integrated command and information, crisis management and logistics system solutions.

This is the case of the Battlenet Inside system fitted to the latest version of the VAB, the VAB MK3, the first series production unit of which was rolled out of the Limoges workshops in March 2014.

The customer as the primary concern

The Volvo network and the Renault Trucks network provide customer service and international development with recognised influence and credibility worldwide with more than 1,500 points of contact around the world, more than 40,000 spare parts online and through-life support solutions such as mobile repair shops in order to provide closest possible support.

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