Customer support

With its international foothold, VGGS has developed a full range of services encompassing all aspects of customer support: Through-life support, life-cycle support, upgrading and fleet management. Indeed, services are now an essential component of a global package needed to be competitive on the international market.

  • Through-life support

To ensure the operational capability of its vehicles, VGGS is supported by the Volvo Global Logistics network, which includes 40 central stores and 1,600 points of sale worldwide for the distribution of spare parts.

VGGS also provides a personalised range of maintenance plans tailored to each vehicle type, based on flat rate packages including skilled labour. Dedicated teams manage maintenance to anticipate and improve the availability of equipment and optimise operating costs.

Given the specific nature of its customers, VGGS has also developed a range of projectable, semi-mobile workshops, designed to provide through-life support for vehicles in theatres of operation. At the same time, this range strengthens local support and upgrading capabilities through staff training.

  • Upgrading

VGGS restores vehicles to operational condition on three industrial sites. Depending on customer needs, the group provides vehicles with mid-life upgrading kits which, according to the case, increase protection (armour kits), mobility, safety or ergonomics, or incorporate new systems.

The key equipment of vehicles (engine, gearbox, gears, etc.) also undergoes a controlled upgrading process including diagnosis, disassembly, testing on test benches, assembly, packaging, quality control and finally delivery to the customer.

VGGS also supports its customers in dismantling vehicles retired from service, if necessary.

  • Innovative tools

To strengthen its range of services and provide a better response to the needs of its customers, VGGS has developed innovative tools such as RTD Parts Online. This web-based tool allows customers and export partners to browse spare parts catalogues online (updated in real time), be informed about the availability of parts, track orders and communicate with the appropriate VGGS contacts. This solution is currently used by two pilot customers and is due to be deployed with other export customers by the end of 2014.

RTD Parts Online supplements the existing range of technical documentation (catalogues, technical guides, repair manuals, diagnostic software) that normally comes with the vehicle.

  • Training

Depending on the needs of its customers, VGGS designs, plans and provides catalogue or custom training, including vehicle familiarisation, driver training and maintenance. VGGS also provides technical and tactical training simulators for crews through specialised partners.